Our Retail Sales Staffing line of business includes staffing for traditional retail stores, stand-alone kiosks, store-within-a-store, and tests of new retail concepts. Our clients want to expand the marketing of their new or more profitable services to existing customers without expanding their employee base.

Pinnacle is filling this need by providing enthusiastic sales reps who have integrity, retail experience, sales expertise, and competitive and dynamic personalities.

The goals of the retail sales staff are to educate customers on key client products, sell these products to existing customers, and improve the customers’ experience while in the retail environment.

Before they set foot on the street, our sales reps undergo a thorough, national background check and a 10-panel drug screen. This protects the client, the brand, and most importantly the customer.

Our services include program design and consultation, channel management, accelerated learning, and compensation management.

This service is ideal for clients that want to combine the sales of two or more product or service lines in a single retail location, leading to increased customer satisfaction, since “one-stop shopping” is more time efficient, and leads to increased product sales and productivity for the client.

Sales rep candidates undergo a series of management interviews to assess their qualifications and to evaluate their competency.

We are ready to partner with you to expand your client base.