Has event participation turned into just another line item on your expense budget? Over time, it’s easy to allow your event participation to morph into an ineffective brand building and awareness activity. Let us help you turn your event participation into a revenue-generating activity. Our results-driven events team will represent your company in a professional manner that protects your hard-earned brand equity.

If you want to increase sales while decreasing the average cost per sale, Pinnacle event marketing services may be just what you need.

We can provide a turnkey events team to develop, manage, and staff a calendar of events to increase the visibility of your product or service.

Client-sponsored events, events in the community, and partnerships with local retailers, businesses and organizations can all provide opportunities to put your name in front of potential customers in relaxed and non-“sales” settings. These can include local festivals, local attractions, sporting events, trade or hobby shows, city/state/local fairs, special interest organizations’ events or meetings, and holiday-related events.

The Pinnacle events team focuses on building company, industry, and product awareness while reinforcing brand image and recognition. Our ultimate goal is to generate sales and/or to create positive customer experiences.

Pinnacle event marketing services include:

  • Research
  • Proposals
  • Scheduling
  • Staffing
  • Coordination
  • Event Management
  • Evaluation of results