Door to door sales represent the ultimate opportunity for our clients to put their products in front of potential customers in a face-to-face, personal manner. Pinnacle delivers more customers and products to our clients than all other door to door vendors combined.We leverage our in-house industry knowledge to partner with our clients from planning to execution of sales campaigns. We have a large national footprint, with a proven and duplicable model for opening new markets, along with the financial strength to meet any client’s needs.

The value of a well-trained, personable, knowledgeable, and reliable sales person cannot be overstated. Pinnacle is tops in recruiting the right people to do the right job.

Before they set foot on the street, our sales reps undergo a thorough, national background check and a 10-panel drug screen. This protects the client, the brand, and most importantly the customer.

Our services include program design and consultation, channel management, accelerated learning, and compensation management.

Contracting with Pinnacle offers the following advantages

  • Augments your internal sales force to see a “pop” in new customer acquisitions
  • Converts your lead generation and other fixed selling expenses to a “cost per sale” basis, delaying cash outflow until your business customer is actually on the books.
  • Shifts staffing and recruitment expenses to us.